Next Generation Lynx VR Indoor Trainer Loses Weight, Gains Followers By Offering Endless Reality For Multiple Riders On Iconic Tour de France Hills Like Marmotte

VeloReality announced the availability of its new LYNX VR Indoor Trainer today, which when used in conjunction with the company’s VRide Software and any of its 100 plus HD Real Life Videos of the Tour de France and other iconic rides, turns indoor training into riding reality indoors.

VeloReality President and co-founder Gary Bauer today announced the availability of the company’s lighter, sleeker next generation LYNX VR Indoor Trainer with multi-rider capability to an enthusiastic audience at the company’s Canadian assembly plant.

Improvements in design and manufacturing not only reduce the weight of the unit, they also enhance the rider’s experience with a smaller, lighter motor, a centered roller assembly, lighter stiffer frame components and upgraded on-board electronics.

Designed to allow indoor cyclists – notably those who face harsh winter weather — to ‘ride reality’ on their favourite bikes, the LYNX VR Trainer provides an extremely life-like cycling experience when used in conjunction with the company’s free VRide software and any one of the one hundred plus HD Real Life Videos (RLV’s) from the growing on-line library of iconic rides.

With super real HD look and unparalleled real road feel, as well as a multi-rider option for companionship and competition, the LYNX, RLV and VRide combination raises the enjoyment level of indoor velo training from tedious to fun.

“Bad weather, mud and ice, thawing fingers and cleaning bike parts… all of these are non-issues with our VeloReality system,” explains Bauer. “Our new LYNX VR Trainer, our VRide Multi multi-rider ANT+ software, and our library of over 100 HD RLVs of iconic and picturesque rides come together so perfectly, so even arctic climate cycling enthuiasts can maintain their fitness levels, without one second of boredom.”

The library includes an HD RLV of the famously tough Marmotte hill climb in the l’Alpe de Huez section of the Tour de France, which was recently put to test with a meticulous reality check carried out by avid cyclist and LYNX owner Bradox. Having ridden his LYNX trainer thousands of kilometers over the course of a year, he decided to spend part of his vacation comparing the real Marmotte to the LYNX Virtual Reality version by riding a similar bike, with the same configuration which he used when training with his LYNX.

Using Garmin, Powertap and Golden Cheetah technologies, he carefully measured power, heart rate, speed, cadence and altitude over the duration of his ride under ideal no wind, no rain conditions. He then compared his measurements to the equivalent data gathered from his LYNX VR Trainer ride. He charted and posted results to the VeloReality user forum, along with his conclusions.

“With VeloReality, you can Ride Reality using you existing bicycle on real road courses, experiencing real resistance, and measuring real power…. this piece of hardware easily surpasses all other trainers I have tried. It is much quieter and the ride simulation feels far more accurate and realistic.”

The LYNX RLV Trainer, Vride and Vride Multi Software and the complete library of VeloReality VR rides are available on our web site or call for more information.


For more information, please contact us:
Gary Bauer 1-888-480-1114 ext. 1

VeloReality is the privately-held maker of VRide software, the VRide HD video RLV library and VRide ANT+ Multi On-line group rider software. VeloReality also manufactures and markets the high end LYNX VR Trainer which has unmatched road feel and comes with a limited warranty on electronics and a lifetime warranty on drive-train and software components. With a growing library of the world’s most famous courses, the reality offered by the combination of LYNX and VRide is unsurpassed. VRide software is also compatible with any ANT+ resistance trainer.