VeloReality Goes Coastal In Spain With 5 More Stunning TACX Compatible ANT+ Velo Touring Rides – Almeira Coast Road, Calar Alto, Porto de Tudons, Denia Montgo, Tarragona.

VeloReality President Gary Bauer describes the eye widening beauty and challenging diversity of the company’s five new HD Real Life Video rides along the world famous Spanish Costas. Definitely something for every indoor rider.

VeloReality President and Founder Gary Bauer today announced the release of 5 new HD Real Life Videos (RLVs) that inspire riders with the natural beauty of coastal training along the world-famous Costa d’Espagna.

The ‘Costas’ are known internationally for their eye-winding beauty and incredible diversity, as are their corresponding HD rides from VeloReality. The new collection serves up like a veritable tapas feast of steep hills, orange groves, desert flats and coastal fishing villages. Riders see bikinis along the beach as they ride through the popular resort town of Javia, then fishing boats on an azure sea as they reach the peaks and outlooks of Costa Blanca.

Throughout each of the five rides, the pain of multiple hill climbs is offset by the captivating scenery and one climb adds the motivation of a strong local rider who you can chase as you climb to the top of the iconic Montgo.

“Our new Spanish Costa collection adds another new chapter to VeloReality’s story of visually satisfying and realistic indoor training.” Says Bauer. “Almeira Coast, Calar Alto, Porto de Tudons, Denia Montgo will work with any ANT+ trainer as well as with our own LYNX VR Trainer, and will also work with our VRide Multi multi-rider software. Now any indoor rider on any ANT+ trainer can join others along this fantastically scenic stretch of Spanish coastline.”

Like all of the RLVs in the ever-expanding collection the new ‘Costa’ rides will also work on the WAHOO KICKR, BKOOL with real-time changes in resistance matched to stunning HD video.

VeloReality and VRide software is available free of charge from the company website and can be downloaded and installed in less than a minute from Once installed, VRide can be configured to run with either demo videos, or with any HD video from VeloReality’s library of over 100 RLVs of some of the most popular – and visually captivating — cycling routes in the world.


For more information, please contact:

Gary Bauer 1-888-480-1114 ext. 1

VeloReality is the privately-held maker of VRide software, the VRide HD video RLV library and VRide ANT+ Multi On-line group rider software. VeloReality also manufactures and markets the high end LYNX VR Trainer which has unmatched road feel and comes with a limited warranty on electronics and a lifetime warranty on drive-train and software components. With a growing library of the world’s most famous courses, the reality offered by the combination of LYNX and VRide is unsurpassed. VRide software is also compatible with any ANT+ resistance trainer.