VeloReality Riders Who Meet To Compete On Paterberg Loop Can Now Ride Oude Kwaremont to Battle Each Other On Twenty Degree Inclines Instead Of Twenty Below Temperatures

VeloReality President and Founder Gary Bauer announced the addition of Oude Kwaremont to the Paterberg RLV ANT+ FE-C loop for indoor trainers who want to compete with other riders, not the weather or boredom


VeloReality President and co-founder Gary Bauer today announced the release of the Oude Kwaremont Real Life Video (RLV) 7.5 km loop for a super-realistic, ultra-grueling, online multi-rider experience on any ANT + compatible trainer.

The Oude Kwaremont RLV is the second multi-rider loop in VeloReality’s 100 plus, 3,000 km library of HD videos. It joins the world-famous Paterberg climb – which is available at as a free demo — to complete the pair of iconic Tour de Flanders hill climbs. The Oude Kwaremont is now available free with the purchase of any other RLV from the VeloReality collection. Like the Paterberg loop, it lets riders see each other in real time, and ride with or against each other using VRide and VRide Multi software, which is also available for download at no charge at

VeloReality’s multi-rider VRide software lets users go on-line and join riders and groups, or pass them, or otherwise enjoy the competitive camaraderie of riding with friends. Each rider will log on and be identified by their own screen name, showing their real-time speed and position on the course.

On all courses, ‘VRiders’ see each other using an embedded map view that shows all of the riders who are on the course, in real time. Riders can enter or leave course at any time, anywhere on the course. In the event that no other ‘real’ riders are online on the user’s course of choice, it’s possible to ride against your own previous times.

Both RLV multi-rider loops are relatively short, so riders can come and go or repeat the loop with the odds of encountering other riders on the same course, at the same time. Both loops distract their riders from the pain of their grueling VO2max workouts with beauty of the Flanders countryside in stunning HD… and just enough sections of flat riding to allow for recovery.

Oude Kwaremont is 7.5 kilometers long with an average incline of 4 degrees and an 11 degree hill that is 2.5 kilometers in length. Paterberg is only 2.77 kilometers long, but has an average incline of 12 degrees and a 400 meter climb of 20 degrees.

“Riding our Paterberg loop gives anyone with an ANT+FE-C trainer the chance to really see and feel the difference our HD real life, multi-rider video makes for winter training indoors so boredom and bad weather become non-issues.” Says Bauer. “. And Oude Kwaremont is a nice bonus to help Vriders pass the pain on to their fair weather rivals once the snow melts! ”

For more information, please contact us:
Gary Bauer 1-888-480-1114 ext. 1

VeloReality is the privately-held maker of VRide software, the VRide HD video RLV library and VRide ANT+ Multi On-line group rider software. VeloReality also manufactures and markets the high end LYNX VR Trainer which has unmatched road feel and comes with a limited warranty on electronics and a lifetime warranty on drive-train and software components. With a growing library of the world’s most famous courses, the reality offered by the combination of LYNX and VRide is unsurpassed. VRide software is also compatible with any ANT+ resistance trainer.

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