With VeloReality, you can Ride Reality using your existing bicycle on real road courses, experiencing real resistance, and measuring real power.

Our target market is professional and enthusiast riders who want to bring real road cycling indoors and ride reality on the courses they choose, either for training or in the off season. Our VeloReality Ant Plus Software is available for free to let you see the power of great software as it applies to the trainer world, and to encourage you to consider our LYNX VR Trainer, the World’s finest virtual reality cycling trainer.

VeloReality produces and sells:

LYNX VR Trainer Ant Plus Trainer Software Real Life Videos

In 2010, the first Lynx protoype was custom-built by Kostya Poukov, for himself. Tired of wearing out trainers fixed rear wheel trainer and bored with the monotony of riding indoors, he designed and built his own one-off trainer, and wrote software to synchronize resistance perfectly with Real Life Video.

Two years later Kostya partnered with Gary Bauer for his entrepreneurial skills and the pair founded Velo Reality Inc. A short time later the first generation Lynx VR Trainer went to market with a library of 12 Real Life Videos, for a boredom-beating immersive experience.

In 2014, coinciding with the release of the ANT+ FE-C protocol, VRide software that plays on an ANT+ FE-C trainer inlcuding Tacx, Wahoo, Elite, Bkool, and others is released so non-Lynx VR Trainer owners could join the fun.

The stronger, lighter second generation Lynx VR Trainer is released in 2015 along with VRide Multi-rider Software so that anyone using VRide and riding a VeloReality RLV could see and join others on the same course in real time.

Today, with a collection of 31 4K RLVs and 143 HD RLVs to choose from, proven VRide software and the most realistic, advanced and quietest indoor trainer available, we proudly invite you to join our growing of VeloRealists. Ride Reality.

Our Team

Kostya Poukhov

Founder and CTO

Kostya is in charge of all things technical for VeloReality. A lifelong software engineer with a passion for cycling, Kostya invented the LYNX VR Training system. Having written code for everything from digital music boxes to complex real time auction engines, and frustrated by the poor indoor training experience he set out to improve it. The Lynx Trainer and our HD Video Library are the result.

Contact Kostya:
1-888-480-1114 x2

Gary Bauer

Founder and CEO

Gary is our go-to first point of contact. As a mobile app and enterprise software maker and marketer, Gary Bauer brings 20 years of digital and high technology experience to the table – many of them working with founder Kostya Poukhov. With his ‘You First’ approach to riders, distributors, retailers, investors and the media, Gary represents our company and our commitment to prompt, attentive customer service.

Contact Gary:
1-888-480-1114 x1


Davis Gravelsins

VP Business Development

Davis connects with customers, partners, professional sports groups and media. Originator of the VeloReality name and Ride Reality tag line, he is deeply invested in the brand’s combined DNA of elite performance and fully immersive rider experience. Prior to working with the founders to tell the Veloreality story, Davis’ provided up-market services for BMW, Chartwell, IBM, Merrill Lynch, PUMA and RBC Wealth Management.

Contact Davis:
1-888-480-1114 x3

Nikolay Bakunin

Founder and Operations

Nikolay looks after operations and distribution of the LYNX HD Trainer. He manages high standards for quality control during final assembly, testing and specialized packaging. He brings together mechanical and electronic capabilities during his decades long career doing both.