Corsica, Cap Corse, FR – Parts 1 to 3


Corsica, Cap Corse Part 1

Corsica, Cap Corse Part 2

Corsica, Cap Corse Part 3

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Part 1 of this ride is the perfect warm up for the hard following parts. The route takes you north from the city of Bastia along the fairly easy side of the Cap Corse which is a thin mountainous strip of land that juts out from the main Corsican island. You will have fairly constant sea views to the right with many small fishing villages & the occasional view of the island of Elba in the distance. Its one of the easiest rides in the whole collection with no steep sections or long drags, just short easy rolling hills from the start until the end in the north east of the Cap.

Part 2 starts at the far north eastern end of Cap Corse & starts with a fairly long climb that gets you over the Cap to the rugged western coast. Its now that the views start to become spectacular but to see them your going to have to do some climbing. This coast road is nothing like the east coast encountered in part 1. Here its wild, windy & the mountains drop direct into the sea that often far below you.

Part 3 starts with probably the best sea views in Europe, continuing south down the rugged west coast past remote hill top villages & then back over the spine of mountains to finish just outside Bastia which is where Part 1 starts. All 3 parts join together to form a giant loop round the Cap.