Corsica, Col de Vergio (Corte), FR – Parts 1 to 2


Corsica, Col de Vergio from Corte Part 1

Corsica, Col de Vergio from Corte Part 2

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Part 1 – Here we start just outside the capital city of Corsica & head over a smaller warm up climb before taking on the Vergio from the eastern side. The main bulk of the ride is done in a rugged yet spectacular gorge which has fairly light grades. The finish of this part is about half way up just outside the largest village on the climb Calacuccia.

Part 2 – We now continue from the mountain village of Calacuccia into thick forest which will take us right up into the clouds at the top. The finish of the ride is a short distance after. It’s a fairly steady climb with nothing too steep.

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