ONE CLICK INSTALL: Web installer, gets latest VRide software and free Paterberg Demo video, (about 1Gb) and creates your store account. Opens VRIDE, you just have to login and ride.
Download One Click Installer Download User Guide


Or, more advanced users can use…
PORTABLE APPLICATION: Download zip file with VRide.exe, unzip onto your drive, and use it.

Download Portable Application    Demo Video Loop    Download User Guide

VRide software allows you to ride with unlimited numbers of other riders, in real time, with cinema quality HD and/or 4K video of some of the world’s best known and most scenic courses.
Do not download Demo Video if you used One Click Install above as it already includes this video.

Download free 4K demo if you want to test whether you system is powerful enough to play our 4K content. Please read “product description” section on 4K demo product page carefully as it offers some tips on software settings/hardware requirements to play 4K content. Our software does not support 4K video on Windows 7.
4K Demo Video

VRide uses map view and personalized icons to show your position and speed in real time, along with the position and speed of any other users on the same course. Ride with the pack or blow past riding buddies with a unsurpassed real life look and feel.

WildCat-Jaro Doug Marcus Map-Feb

VRide Software works with:

Velo Reality – Lynx and Lynx II
Wahoo Fitness – KICKR and SNAP
TACX – Their Smart ANT+™ FE-C line of trainers: Genius Smart, Bushido Smart, Vortex Smart, Flow Smart, and NEO.
TACX – The Satori Smart simulates ANT+™ Power, speed and Cadence, and can also be used.
BKOOL – Bkool Pro from BKool with firmware updated to ANT+™ FE-C profile
Elite – ANT FE-C compliant line of trainers: Real Turbo Muin B+, Real Axiom B+, Real Tour B+
Racermate Inc – Computrainer
Any other trainer that is compatible with ANT+™ FE-C profile.
Any simple resistance trainer assuming it reports power over ANT+™, or in combination with
ANT+™ power meter or with ANT+™ speed sensor and predefined Power vs Speed profile.

ANT+™ dongles placed far from trainers or sensors can be a problem. Use
USB extension cable to place ANT+ dongle close to trainer. Also can try the
TACX ANT+™ antenna designed to place it closer to the trainer/sensor and
tested together with the cable.

And many other ANT+™ resistance trainers. Visit our store page to register and sign up. Watch
our short how-to video and follow the simple instructions.


“Unlike Zwift… VRide Multi’s focus is hi-def video of actual cycling courses, such as the Stelvio in Italy, the Koppenberg in Belgium or L’Alpe d’Huez in France. All told, there are more than 2,000km of courses to ride.”
Ben Delaney – February 11, 2015


  • Software is 64 bit and requires 64bit version of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
  • Works on MAC under dual boot/BOOTCAMP. Parallels/VM might work but less likely
  • Please download free software and demo video to verify that VRide software works with your particular computer/trainer configuration before buying videos.


SR10-IE Simon Scrubbo1 Nige


  • Software is lean, unzip it to install. Click v-ride.x64.exe it to run it.
  • Just run the executable, enter your settings and enjoy.
  • Ride famous cycling roads filmed in HD with cinema grade cameras.
  • All videos come with precise road profiles – gradient/altitude vs distance.
  • Video distance/playback speed perfectly synchronized with your power output.
  • Create and ride structured workouts.
  • Export your rides and workouts to TCX format to any 3rd party cycling analytic software or website.
  • Supported trainers include any ANT+™ FE-C compliant trainer, LYNX, Wahoo KICKR/SNAP, Computrainer or any resistance trainer equipped with ANT+™ speed/cadence sensor and/or power meter.