Ancedonia area

Ancedonia area, Tuscany, Italy part 6


Ancedonia area, Tuscany, Italy part 6

Country: IT Terrain Type: Hilly Difficulty: Very Hard
Distance: 31.2 Km | Climb: 318m
Uphill Distance: 10Km
Video Quality: 1080, 4K*
*Disclaimer: All 4K Videos are available on Hard Drive Video Collections only

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Ancedonia area, Tuscany, Italy part 6. Tuscany offers an ideal scenario for cycling enthusiasts of all levels, from amateur cyclists to anyone just wishing to pedal calmly while enjoying the beauty of the region. On paved road for anyone who loves racing bikes or off road on mountain bikes to get away from traffic and be surrounded by nature. Every area in Tuscany offers routes rich in interesting places to visit and see as well as extraordinary panoramas. Tuscany is mostly a hilly territory, with plains concentrated mostly along the rivers and the coast. For cycling fans, this means putting yourself to the test on the same hills and slopes many cycling legends trained, including Bartali, Cipollini and Bettini. Tuscany is in fact a land of cyclists and wherever you choose to go pedal you’re likely to cross paths with many other two-wheel aficionados.

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Very Hard

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1080, 4K