Merry LYNXmas Promo and Record Winter Cold Snap Combine to Heat Up Sales of VeloReality’s LYNX VR Indoor Trainer to Safety Conscious Competitive Riders

VeloReality’s LYNX Trainer — the world’s best ANT+ indoor bike trainer — is selling like hotcakes due to the extreme cold, record snowfalls and special Xmas pricing. To meet demand, the company has tripled manufacturing capacity.

VeloReality VP Marketing Davis Gravelsins today announced a 300% increase in production of the company’s high-end LYNX VR Trainer to meet a jump in demand for the company’s advanced ANT+ indoor Virtual Reality trainer.

Gravelsins attributes the rapid growth in holiday season demand to a combination of extreme weather conditions, coupled with a one-time promotional discount for winter riders who want to stay fit safely, while experiencing the closest thing to riding some of the finest course in Europe and North America.

We anticipated a spike in sales from the USD $2,100 savings offered by our Merry LYNXMAS Event, but nothing like this,” explains Gravelsins. “ Thankfully, we have solid inventory and we are able to meet demand.”

In addition to a $500 cash discount, the Merry LYNXMAS Event package also includes free software and a plug and play 2TB drive with the complete VeloReality library of 145 hyper-realistic, world-famous HD rides.

The LYNX VR consists of a frame with a quick-release fork-mount to hold the rider’s bicycle securely and an anodized aluminum roller assembly that sits under the rear wheel. Driven by an industrial rated 2 HP motor that provides either resistance or acceleration, the roller delivers a perfectly synchronized physical and visual and experience that the rider feels and sees in HD or 4K video as they pedal the VeloReality course they have chosen to conquer. The LYNX / VRide set up also allow cyclists to see and ride with others who are on the same course, in real time.

Advantages over cheaper wind, magnetic, centrifugal and fluid resistance trainers becomes apparent when the pedals are turned:

– Quietest available at 30dB – 40dB: Quieter than the rider’s bike itself.

– Zero tire slip or wear, and no need for special tires or special quick-release.

– Free, as opposed to fixed, rear wheel to allow for natural side-to-side movement while pedaling.

– Most powerful motor available to simulate up to 20% road grade and a full range of gears.

– Smoothest on the market with a 230X /second sampling rate.

“Our customers spend thousands on the best bikes and gear and would rather be fully immersed in reality while they train safely and naturally on the bike they love, rather than be distracted by watching TV or listening to music in a spin class,” explains Gary Bauer, VeloReality CEO. “That’s why went the extra mile on quality, to be the best. Many LYNX riders have worn out or simply abandoned lesser, less expensive indoor trainers before settling on our best-in-class product and spending less over the long haul.”

In support of Bauer’s value per dollar spent assertion, the LYNX VR Trainer is currently under consideration by The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute as being the best indoor trainer in the world.

Ride Reality!

About VeloReality

VeloReality is the privately held maker of the the world’s best indoor training system featuring the high-end LYNX VR Trainer which has unmatched road feel and comes with a lifetime warranty on drive-train and software components and limited warranty on electronics. With a growing library of the world’s most famous courses, the reality offered by the combination of LYNX and VRide is unsurpassed. VRide software is also compatible with any ANT+ resistance trainer. VeloReality of VRide software, the VRide HD / 4K video RLV library and VRide ANT+ Multi On-line group rider software.

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