LYNX VR Trainer II

LYNX  Virtual Reality Trainer helps professional and other dedicated cyclists to maintain their form during the off-season when bad weather prevents productive training. LYNX is also often used in situations when training needs to be highly structured with precise loads/timing, in preparation for a particular event when the simulated road profile has to match a real course and when athletes lack time – coming from work, taking their bicycle and driving to a place with suitable roads takes a significant amount of time.

The Virtual Reality aspect comes from connecting LYNX VR Trainer to a personal computer (PC) with our specialized software that plays videos of real rides. The speed of video playback is synchronized with the speed of cyclist riding on a trainer and resistance delivered by trainer is synchronized with the real road profile (if road grade increases so does resistance).


  • Innovative drive-train & clamp: The bike is mounted on the trainer by removing your own front wheel and attaching to the Lynx VR Trainer with a front fork quick release. Simply remove your front wheel, clamp the forks into the stand & ride!
  • The bike rides on single giant roller using the riders own weight rather than a cumbersome clamp system. No tire slip, no tire wear, no need for special trainer tire or special (heavy) quick-release mechanism.
  • Natural & realistic ride feel: Your rear wheel is free to trace an “S” curve on the roller as you pedal.  No aches & pains caused by the bike held in an unnatural ‘fixed rear wheel’ position.
  • Monster power: Heavy duty 2HP motor is capable of supplying enough resistance to simulate up to a 20% road grade with full range of road bike gears.
  • The worlds most advanced simulation and feel: LYNX has real a torque sensor just like many top end power meters and calculates a complete cycling model for any road/riding conditions up to 500 times/sec including simulation of inertia and downhill riding.
  • Smooth and quiet: Your neighbors will not knock on your door while you are training for your next win.
  • Indestructible: All components are industrial grade & designed to work 24×7 year on year.
  • Accuracy: When calibrated Lynx is reasonably accurate. If you have ANT+ power meter sensor Lynx VR Trainer will constantly re-calibrate in real time as you ride so it will be as accurate as your power meter.
  • Works with other software: Lynx VR Trainer can now be controlled by other software like Zwift, TrainerRoad, BKool, ErgVideo, etc. using ANT+™ FE-C protocol.