LYNX  Virtual Reality Trainer helps professional and other dedicated cyclists to maintain their form during the off-season when bad weather prevents productive training. LYNX is also often used in situations when training needs to be highly structured with precise loads/timing, in preparation for particular event when the simulated road profile has to match a real course and when athletes just simply lack time – coming from work, taking their bicycle and driving to a place with suitable roads takes a significant investment.

The Virtual Reality aspect comes in form of connecting LYNX Trainer to a personal computer (PC) with specialized software that plays videos of real roads. The speed of video playback is synchronized with the speed of cyclist riding on a trainer and resistance delivered by trainer is synchronized with the real road profile (if road grade increases so does resistance).


  • Innovative drive-train & clamp: The bike is mounted on the trainer by removing your own front wheel and attaching to the Lynx VR Trainer with a front fork quick release. Simply remove your front wheel, clamp the forks into the stand & ride!
  • The bike rides on single giant roller using the riders own weight rather than a cumbersome clamp system. No tire slip, no tire wear, no need for special trainer tire or special (heavy) quick-release mechanism.
  • Natural & realistic ride feel: Your rear wheel is free to trace an “S” curve on the roller as you pedal.  No aches & pains caused by the bike held in an unnatural rock solid position.
  • Monster power: Heavy duty 2HP motor is capable of supplying enough resistance to simulate up to a 20% road grade with full range of road bike gears.
  • The worlds most advanced simulation and feel: LYNX has real a torque sensor just like many top end power meters and calculates a complete cycling model for any road/riding conditions up to 500 times/sec including simulation of inertia and downhill riding.
  • Smooth and totally silent: Your neighbors will not knock on your door while you are training for your next win.
  • Indestructible: All components are industrial grade & designed to work 24×7 year on year.
  • Accuracy: Lynx is accurate within 5%. If you have your own ANT+ sensor Lynx can use data coming from that sensor to fine tune internal calibration.

Where to Buy LYNX

You may purchase LYNX Trainer online from our store or visit the Partners page to find a distributor near you.

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